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Sweet blog of mine…

I have had so much to blog about recently! And every intention in the world to do so.
Now if only a blog post could post itself, right? I have no idea why but I never really got to do any of the posts that I really wanted to do.

So I suppose this is sort of the first real post. I have hade other blogs but I never managed to stay focused enough to actually write any of the things I had in mind even though I often felt that a blog would be the right place to let of some steam, sprinkle happiness and positive thoughts all over the reader, spread awesome ideas or just to use as a fun way to spend some freetime (as much as you have when you’re a mother of two and a law student).
One reason for not blogging yet is that I would love to design an awesome layout for my blog, but unfortunately it has been too many years and too many babies (two, that is) for me to come up with a great idea for a layout that I could actually bring out in life.

I suppose I should do some sort of presentation of myself as well as write the intentions of the blog, just in case I actually end up having any readers and you happen to be stumbling across this (sort of) very first post.

I live in Denmark and I am a mother of two wonderful boys, currently aged 3½ years and 3½ months. They are an unbelievable source of love, joy, happiness, fun, worries and learning. They are my whole life and everything else fades in comparison! I will propably post about them or at least mention them, but I intend to let them stay anonymous on the internet, except for their first names maybe and perhaps a few photos NOT showing their faces. Whether they want to get out there on the internet at some point (when they’re old enough) is not for me to decide, but for them when time is right. I actually think it is serious enough to put their Mummy on the internet.

I choose to blog in English right now and I might get a Danish one at some point, but most of the websites I visit/use are in English and therefore it seems natural for me to blog in English. Any wrong use of words or phrases or spelling mistakes are for you to enjoy and laugh at as much as you want! I can guarantee those will occour every now and then, but then again, English is not my native language.

Besides my boys, I spend a lot of time on fashion and I LOVE dresses and shoes. Actually it is more like an addiction or an unhealthy habit sometimes because I reallt obsess about a pair of shoes or a dress when I want one! Trying to quit though.
I like photoshop and setting up websites but haven’t done so for some years now and the things I can do with Dreamweaver or Photoshop are propably hopelessly outdated by now.

Right now there is so much going on with my kids, I have a new baby! And also I have exams after each semester, I study law at a  Danish university.
After having my second baby the weight I gained from the pregnancy did not vanish as easily as I had hoped (maybe due to my other addiction; cake and chocolate which I will try not to mention again because it leaves me craving for some just by thinking of it).

I wanted to write something about my new healthy habits and also I think every post should have at least 1 beautiful photo, but my baby just woke up so I need to feed him and take care of him.

Bye for now and thanks for reading anyone!




This is a test to see what it is like to use the WordPress program for Android. I think it is fairly easy, but what about posting pictures? Ok I tried adding a photo of a beautiful mushroom I recently found.

That’s it for now.
Buh bye.