Seeing double!

Well this is another deja vu post because I happened to stumble across a pair of shoes a few days ago, which I know has been completely sold out in Zara’s websop for some time now (and yes I know it because I wanted them badly, and no I did not purchase them in time and yes that was very annoying).

First the original (I believe), the jelly shoes from Zara:

Next up are photos of the shoe I believe might have been designed with quite a bit of inspiration from the Zara heels. It seems as though the shape of the heel differs slightly from the original and then this one has matching stones on the heel as opposed to Zara’s which has a heel that is solid black.

As mentioned the Zara heel seems to be sold out online but you might be able to snatch up a pair in store somewhere. The Two Lips heel is available at
I think the Zara heels retailed for about the same price as the Two Lips heels. Right now I don’t really think I can afford a new pair of shoes and also I have yet to make up my mind whether I think the Two Lips heels are as pretty as the Zara ones.
-I am very picky when it comes to shoes (and yet I manage to find a new pair to fall in love with all the time)…



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